Our mission at Constellation Trust Company is to provide best in-class custody and administration services to registered investment advisors, financial institutions and their clients by providing efficient back-office servicing for mutual funds, variable annuities, and brokerage accounts.



Expertise, Experience & Technology

The trust company custody services we offer represent a constellation of financial expertise, experience and cutting-edge technology. Constellation Trust Company was formed in 2004, and received a Nebraska Trust charter in May of 2005. Constellation Trust Company has pulled best-in-class technology and industry expertise together to provide custody to registered investment advisors, financial institutions, and their clients. Constellation Trust Company’s affiliate, NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC has more than $316 Billion under management and administration.

  • The true value of technology is making it easy to access and use. A technology firm could build the greatest web-based technology in the world, but it would be useless without the proper support.

    Our Focus On Technology

  • By partnering with Orion Advisor Services and Gemini Fund Services we offer state-of-the-art custodial technology designed with the financial industry in mind.

    Our Partnerships


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Custodial Services

Custodial Services built for Registered Investment Advisors. As a Nebraska State Chartered Trust Company, we offer a constellation of custody services specifically geared to the needs of investment advisors and their clients.


  • Streamlined
  • New Account Processing
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  • Automated
  • Client Distributions
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  • Efficient Trade
  • Facilitation and Confirmation
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  • Performance Evaluations / Statements
  • provided directly from the custodian
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  • Consolidated Tax Reporting
  • with Realized Gain/Loss Reports
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Corporate Governance

Trust Committee

Eric Clarke
Daniel Applegarth
Randy Lambert
Brian Nielsen
Justin Kullman
Kara Baird
Ryan Beach

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  1. Ensure procedures are established by management that maintain adequate internal controls in conformity with applicable laws.
  2. Address problems raised by management in operations.
  3. Address customer comlaints
  4. Ensure policies are established as required by applicable law.
  5. Oversee an annual review and audit of CTC's custodial and administrative functions.
  6. Engage consultants and legal counsel as necessary to advise the Committee on legal matters pertaining to CTC's activities.
  7. Ensure all fiduciary duties are carried out appropriately
  8. Ensure that the duties and obligations of the Trust Committee as set forth in the statement of Principles of Trust Management are carried out.

Investment Committee

Daniel Applegarth
Scott Kubie
Rusty Vanneman
Ryan Beach

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  1. Review and approve CTC's Investment Policies
  2. Ensure CTC's minimum net capital requirements are met
  3. Obtain such professional and expert advice as the investment committee deems appropriate in carrying out its responsibilities.
  4. Have full access to CTC's executives as necessary to carry out responsibilities assigned by the board of directors.
  5. Perform any activities or responsibilities from time to time assigned to the Investment Committee by the Board of Directors.
  6. Report to the Board of Directors on the items covered at each Investment Committee meeting.
  7. Ensure that CTC's investments relied upon for meeting its net capital requirements are invested in appropriate FDIC insured cash or cash equivalent accounts, U.S. Treasuries or other government securities with at least $300,000 in par value U.S. Treasury pledged with the State of Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance.

Audit Committee

Daniel Applegarth
Brian Nielsen
Ryan Beach

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  1. Appoint and dismiss CTC's independent auditors.
  2. Review and approve the independent auditor's proposed audit scope, approach, and staffing fees.
  3. Review with the independent auditors any problems or difficulties the auditors may have encountered and any disagreements with management.
  4. Oversee the financial reporting processes.
  5. Obtain and review periodic reports from management and the independent auditors assessing the effectiveness of CTC's internal control structure and procedures for financial reporting


Todd Clarke
Eric Clarke
Brian Nielsen
Daniel Applegarth
Ryan Beach


Ryan Beach, President
Justin Kullman, VP of Trust Services
Daniel Applegarth
Brian Nielsen

Our clients have the peace of mind of knowing:
We are a Chartered Trust Companythrough the State of Nebraska.
We offer FDIC insured deposits through Bank of the West*

*Subject to applicable FDIC rules and limitations. Please note that the funds held in your CTC cash account through Bank of the West may be aggregated with other deposit accounts you hold at Bank of the West. Such aggregation may cause a portion of your total aggregated funds at Bank of the West to be uninsured.



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